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  • Our Purpose: Patient-oriented, quality-based, serving the people heart and soul.
  • Our Vision: At the forefront in the Province, to become an influential modern medical center in the province and the world, with comprehensive development on medical care, teaching and research. ing to dedicate, boundless love.
  • Our Spirit: Truth-Seeking, Innovation, Benevolence, Devotion.
  • Our Mission: Seeking for advanced medical care, teaching and research, improving people's health.
  • Service Philosophy: Regard life with reverence, bring benefit to people.
  • Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital Medical Group (Medical Center) was established in 2021 with Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital as its core. It currently has two major member units, Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital and Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, and manages three branch hospitals: Pan'an County People's Hospital (Jinhua Central Hospital Pan'an Branch), Wucheng District First People's Hospital (Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital Jinxi Hospital Area), and Wucheng District People's Hospital (Jinhua Central Hospital Wucheng Hospital Area). As of December 31, 2022, the medical group (medical center) has 4,123 employees and 3,142 beds.

    Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital was founded in 1910 and is a comprehensive tertiary hospital that integrates medical treatment, research, teaching, prevention, health care, and rehabilitation in the central and western regions of Zhejiang. In 2020, it was listed as the Affiliated Jinhua Hospital, Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

    As of December 31, 2022, the hospital has 2,561 beds and 3,645 employees, including 668 senior workers, 744 masters and PhDs, 9 experts receiving special allowances from the State Council, 2 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in the province, 1 person selected for the provincial 151 Talents Project, 11 provincial health innovation talents, 2 provincial outstanding professional and technical personnel, 17 municipal professional and technical leading talents, and 31 municipal 321 professional and technical personnel.

    The hospital has 3 key medical disciplines supported by Zhejiang Province, 9 regional specialized disease centers in Zhejiang Central Region, 2 disciplines jointly built by Zhejiang Province and Jinhua city, 1 provincial famous TCM department, one key TCM specialty of the 13th Five-Year Plan of the province, and 25 key medical disciplines in Jinhua City. In the national performance assessment of tertiary public hospitals, our hospital has been steadily ranked in the top 100 for four consecutive years, with a grade of A+, ranking 71st in the country and 8th in the province in 2020.

    In recent years, the hospital has been awarded honors such as National Civilized Unit, National Advanced Collective of the Medical and Health System, National Advanced Unit of Hospital Medical Insurance Services Standards, China's Best Hospital Management Team Award, National Advanced Stroke Center, China Chest Pain Center, China Trauma Rescue Alliance Advanced Trauma Center, National Health Management Demonstration Base, National Emergency Medicine Demonstration Base, National Standardized Training Base for Resident Physicians, Advanced Grassroots Party Organization in Zhejiang Province, and Advanced Collective in Fighting Against COVID-19 in Zhejiang Province.

    Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital was founded in 1983 and is a third-level Grade A maternal and child health hospital that integrates prevention, health care, medical treatment, and research. In August 2020, it was relocated and the new hospital area was put into operation. The advantageous disciplines of obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and pediatric surgery at Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital were mostly moved into the new hospital area and integrated with the original disciplines of Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, implementing integrated and standardized management. In 2020, the hospital added the brand name of Jinhua Women's and Children's Hospital. The hospital covers an area of 80 mu, with a building area of 110,000 square meters and 852 parking spaces. It has 581 actual open beds, 14 wards, and 21 nursing units.
    Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital is currently a national-level pelvic floor rehabilitation grassroots training demonstration base, a national-level PAC high-quality service hospital, a provincial-level demonstration base for early childhood development, a Zhejiang provincial demonstration school for maternal and child health education, the Jinhua Women's Health Management Guidance Center, the Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Care Management Guidance Center, the Jinhua Birth Defect Prevention and Control Management Guidance Center, the Jinhua Children's Health Management Guidance Center, the Jinhua Critical Obstetric and Neonatal Care Coordination Management Center, the Jinhua Maternal and Child Health Quality Control Management Center, the Jinhua Obstetric Quality Control Center, the Jinhua Prenatal Diagnosis Center, the Jinhua Prenatal Screening Center, the Jinhua Newborn Disease Screening Center, the Jinhua Children's Hearing Diagnosis Center, and the Jinhua Cervical Disease Screening and Diagnosis Center, to be responsible for the technical guidance and professional training of maternal and child health care in all counties (cities and districts) of the city.

  • 365 Renming Dong Rd.,Wucheng District , Jinhua , Zhejiang , China, 321000

    Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital

    Bus No.:809/808/308/9/301/303/527/35/Y9/318

    Head east and walk for about 150m

    Jinhua Municipal Central Hospital's outpatient building will be at your right side

    Please call 120 or seek emergency medical help in case of medical emergencies.